SMM – the basis for Digital strategies

SMM – це основа PR і репутації для будь-якого бренду загаломDeveloping creative approaches and methods to represent a business in the social Internet space.

  1. Media strategy
  2.  Communication strategy
  3. Development of Unique Trading Strategy (UTS)
  4. Marketing which aims to create and satisfy demand.

Setting clear targets and ways to attain them. Tasks which are basic for branding:

  • Conversions
  • Information
  • Reputation

It is important to inform clients about the peculiarities of the company and work out a posting concept (excluding blind posting)

The second important component of SMM is targeting

Without this tool the influence is incomplete and deficient. Targeting is the only marketing tool which provides an opportunity for precise local influence on target audience. It is the best tool for gathering data for further influence (for example, email-marketing)

Before starting work on the preparatory stage we:

  1. Segment target audience in order to grasp emotional condition of the client and, therefore, enable further emotional interaction, communication and understanding their needs to multiply positive effects of interaction.
  2. Search for inside information for your SPECIAL COMPANY.
  3. Develop a promotion model (logo, slogans, stylistics)

To sum up, the aims of branding differ from niche to niche and one can always find some distinctive features. SMM is the basis for PR and each brand’s reputation.

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