СЕО просування від компанії Golden-WEBThere are no magic methods or tricks of Internet-marketing. Everything is simple: it is hard daily work. Starting up a business is a long-lasting process which has got only one aim – to achieve success. To become a leader of the Internet search will take you a lot of time and, therefore, you need a reliable team of professionals. We help you grow, attract and convert the target audience

Methods of SEO and SEM promotion

1. Defining perfect search queries for your site

  • PPC-channel deals with a couple of targets, one of which is thematic query testing;
  • detailed analysis of niche theme content;
  • target audience segmentation;
  • analysis of successful rivals’ work who are the leaders in theme content search results.

2. We define your ideal client. Direct connection to the previous paragraph and the result of detailed analysis

  • social factors and data which we obtain from targeting, help with search and interaction “brand – product – client”;
  • analysis of niche clients.

3. Resource optimization:

  • Technical optimization;
  • Design improvement (site usability);
  • Making site structure comfortable for navigation;
  • Correlation between content and aims of the product;
  • Selection, testing, introduction and monthly updating site semantics;
  • Logical and organic introduction of new semantics by placing interesting content on the web-pages;
  • Developing relevancy maps for precise target client entry and unmistakable indexing. 
  • Video content and graphics optimization.

4. External optimization: representing the brand and goods on external thematic resources where targeted traffic is generated on demand according to specially projected semantics which fully supports internal relevance map.

We ANALYZE results, adjust methods and choose a special strategy every month.

DETECT major locations of ideal clients on the Internet, work them up and attract to the web-site.

FIND the most effective ways to influence the client, choose visual and content means of influence at the site. We make the site comfortable and logical

СЕО просування від судії цифрового маркетингу "Golden-WEB"ORGANIZE work of your team on the web, teach the main methods of effective communication, customer service and active sales.

OPTIMIZE campaigns, expand methods in order to attain maximum payback from your investment.

High-quality SEO promotion by digital marketing studio “Golden Web”

We do not aim at using pirate methods of promotion, we clearly define search engine algorithms and follow them. The result of this work is an interesting and comfortable resource where sales take place and which you want to visit again and again.

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