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There is no set model for business promotion as well as there is no ready sample for its introduction into online search engines. Your business is as unique as you, because it is you who started it and developed to meet your aims, vision and needs. There is no shop or restaurant which would be a copy of another one, so why do they frequently offer to create a website following a sample or choose an optimization package from three options? It is impossible. To attain good results in site development and then in marketing, first and foremost, it is necessary to study the niche, analyze the market, reveal the peculiarities and uniqueness of the business and having done that, suggest a solution.

Digital marketing is a complex of tools, the most optimal of which are selected by specialists who then bear responsibility for the result.

Digital Marketing Methods:

  1. Digital Marketing Methods: 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the process of web-page optimization aimed at getting organic traffic onto your web-site when the user of a search engine finds you via organic search in the search engine.
  2. PPC-channels. Context advertising – text ads to attract your target audience on target search query from the search engine. Placement on the front pages, payment per click. Setting remarketing. Mobile advertising. Advertising in the social media. Media advertising. Teaser advertising.
  3. Social Media Marketing – promotion of a brand or service in various social media aimed at increasing traffic onto your web-site or cooperation with the brand in the social network.
  4. Email Marketing – Email can be the means of communication, but it should also be used for marketing, promotion of services, discounts and updates.
  5. Content Marketing – creation and promotion of web-site or social account content in order to inform Internet users about your product or service.
  6. Partnership programs on adjacent or twin topics.
  7. Placement of business on web-portals in order to start up alternative sale points.