Developing websites for further promotion by digital marketing studio

GOLDEN WEB is a company that provides web-site development and maintenance, search optimization, promotion and advertising of your brand in the social media. The service is provided with consideration of customer’s specificity, promotion niche and theme.

There are 13 reasons why you should order the representation of your business – your web-site – in our studio. The main of them is that we know what to do with your resource after building it up, we know how to make it popular because we don’t adjust SEO to the site, we adjust the site to SEO.

  1. The first and most important one: building up a web-site for further promotion. We immediately develop a product which starts active competition for leadership in Top-10 search results after it has received an indexing permission from the search engines.
  2. We develop web-sites according to your business’s unique style. Web-site is an interactive bearer of your company’s style. It is the most important criteria in web-site development. After finishing work on web-site and on clients’ appeal, we create a web-site brandbook. This is a document with web-site’s structure and the rules for uploading further content. In the brandbook we write such instructions as: site network modules, style of its design, style of illustrations and photos, rules for text layout.
  3. Analysis. Site is created to involve target audience, increase income, gain successful search results and, therefore, opportunity for sale. Before creating a web-site, we analyze the rivals in the certain business niche and search results. This enables us to carefully think through site’s most appropriate structure, usability and helps in further promotion.
  4. A detailed description of the way the site is going to work as well as schematic location of graphic elements are developed according to site’s characteristics and analysis. This stage of work takes from 10 to 20 work days. Site’s plan is a supplement to agreement and to the detailed technical task for its development. After the site has been developed, the full cost estimate and date of completion are specified. As a result, you get a series of sketches of all unique samples of future project pages with the description of the way how each button, chapter, script and function works.
  5. Site development. After the project of the site has been created, we work out site’s concept and technical task.
  6. Creating a couple of colored variants of original designer ideas.
  7. Site programming. Developing program modules using modern technologies of chosen CMS system.
  8. Copywriting. Creating a content-plan for further promotion. Writing original and literate texts for your site. At this point a SEO specialist joins the team to form semantics of the first texts and draw up a plan for promotion.
  9. A considerable advantage of developing your site at GOLDEN WEB Ternopil digital marketing studio is the ongoing support of your resource. We are interested in continuous cooperation and development, therefore it is of high importance to us to create a high-quality resource which we test and improve all the time. Updating your web-site and full support of its functional efficiency.
  10. CMS – software to manage the site. We develop all our sites to be logical and simple in usage. This means that you are able to change any element of the site, add new goods, photos, change the price without any special knowledge in the sphere of Internet technologies.
  11. We work with different CMS (Content Management Software): Opencart, Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento and others.
  12. We provide a warranty for the developed site and its maintenance. We guarantee timely fixing of technical problems detected by client or developer in the process of site exploitation.
  13. The site undergoes obligatory testing in 6 different browsers.
  14. We provide a warranty for the developed site and its maintenance. We guarantee timely fixing of technical problems detected by client or developer in the process of site exploitation.
  15. The site undergoes obligatory testing in 6 different browsers.

You can contact us any time you want and get free advice on how the site works. We provide informational and technical support for your web-site and its further promotion in search engines, social media and advertising.

Cost of developing a web-site at digital marketing studio “Golden WEB”

The cost of web-site consists of 3 parts:

1) Analysis of 5 rival sites on the type of service they provide, color scheme, usability, drawing up a sketch of site structure.

2) Planning the site.

3) Cost of site development: design and programming (depends on site complexity)

The cost is notified after approving technical task and agreeing upon the details. Our prices for web-site development are relevant to the quality of work. We offer free advice on promoting web-sites created by our studio. We define the key-phrases for promotion and give recommendations on text and graphic content