Idea is the only effective tool for development nowadays; it makes you unique and distinguishes from the others. The main target of Golden Web digital marketing studio is working out ideas:

  1. Creating online representation of a business;
  2. Promotion and business optimization;
  3. Methods of their implementation;
  4. Further testing and evaluation of results;
  5. Image representation in the social media;
  6. Finding contact points between brand and target client.

It is of primary importance for us to come up with an original idea for each customer. During our first year we have increased our customer base, gained valuable experience, accomplishments and trust. The proof for this is long-lasting cooperation with customers. We started from one range of services and now

Web Development

Digital art, original design which reflects business’s corporate style and flexible functionality are the major distinctive features of our sites. We work with popular CMS-systems as well as create new sites to meet complex demands of customers. We make web-sites which become efficient commercial sale points for goods and services. We develop the sites which meet all the requirements of search engine algorithms.

Search engine is the main location of target audience and customers, therefore the Internet representation of your brand is by no means less important than an offline one, or even the only one. offers complex development of a site aimed at increasing income from your business

A web resource is an excellent means to popularize and promote a business, as far as huge amount of well-off population search for goods and services only via Internet. The quality of your web-site representation is crucial element in company’s promotion.

Golden Web team offers web-design and technical support of a web-site, provides quick optimization, promotion and popularization of a brand in the social media. The service is provided with consideration of customer’s specificity, promotion niche and theme.


Internet-industry and search engine results page in particular comprise the process which is being improved and optimized all the time. Google search results algorithms are secret information, so we can only foresee probable optimization results without any guaranty. Despite search environment’s speedy variability, the golden rule remains unchanged: “It is necessary to understand web-designer’s crucial commandment: to develop sites not for search robots, but for people”. Ihor Ashmanov

These words fully reflect the principles of our young company. We develop or optimize an existing site for comfortable usability and quick downloading. We work with content, unicity and improve all the time. We keep a balance between detailed monthly analysis, diversification of approach to search marketing implementation and selection of new methods. We never stop self-education and learning new information, following the tendencies of western market. Our main aim is to make an excellent interesting resource, each page of which is exciting and unique with colorful professional graphics, the site which is always visited, read and used efficiently. It is the resource which is much spoken about and reposted into social networks and blogs.


Social media is an ideal environment for target audience search and building trust.

We actively work with business branding, as far as social networks have become a popular rapidly increasing environment. Therefore, popularization of your company here is as timely as never before. For your company’s success it should possess three major attributes: corporate style, slogan, original catchy logo, interesting content and ranging in popular publics.

These are the aspects of your image which are crucial for popularity. Let us start cooperation today to be popular and successful tomorrow!

Among a wide range of companies which offer SEO-optimization and

promotion… Why do they choose us?

It’s an interesting question… 

Briefly about Ukrainian market and SERP in general

While in the western market the leadership is among the companies that are constantly improving their service, in Ukraine the first positions are held by unprofessional, uninformative, non-sectoral resources with ridiculous content. It is sad that deception still frequently occurs in SEO industry today. A lot of SEO-market players in Ukraine talk about these facts.

Наша команда:

Мар'яна Гуцул
Мар'яна ГуцулЗасновник web-студії
Віка Назарук
Віка НазарукКерівник SEO-відділу
Соломія Конет
Соломія КонетКерівник SMM-відділу
Анна Пінчак
Анна ПінчакКерівник відділу по роботі з клієнтами